Homemade ButtAHcream Marshmallow Fondant!

I thought I’d start my first official blog post off with something every decorator needs…..fondant!  

Sure, you can buy several different brands of pre made, pre colored fondant and save yourself the headache, and extra step of making it yourself…..BUT it’s a bit more expensive to buy, and there is a huge difference in taste (that’s just my opinion though)! I’m also a firm believer that homemade is from the heart ❀️.   

The following recipe will give your fondant the taste of buttercream.  

Here is what you need!

  • Vegetable shortening ( yuck, I know….but it’s necessary for real)
  • 8 cups MINI marshmallows (MINI…trust me on this!)
  • 2 1/2 tsp CLEAR vanilla extract
  • 2 1/2 tsp CLEAR butter extract
  • 1/2 tsp fine salt
  • 3TBS water
  • 2 lbs sifted powdered sugar
  • 2TBS powdered dream whip (IMPORTANT! We are going for taste here!)

*Ofcourse you don’t HAVE to use clear extract…..if you want lil brown colored lumps in yer fondant.

Here we go!

Start off by greasing a large, microwave safe bowl, generously with vegetable shortening……SERIOUSLY…..do not forget this step!  Add your 8 cups of mini marshmallows, water, butter& vanilla extract.  

In a separate large bowl, combine 2lbs powdered sugar with salt and dream whip (store brand works just as well). Mix errr up! Then, create  a well in the middle of your mixture..

Place marshmallow mixture in the microwave for 1 minute!

 Meanwhile generously grease a rubber spatula, as well as your countertop for kneading…..AGAIN,,,,,,,, do not skip this step…..I’m just trying to help you out of a sticky mess here people.  

Times up! Give the marshmallow mixture a good stir.  If not completely melted, place back in the micro for 30 sec intervals until melted smooth. (Once melted you can add gel coloring if you need colored fondant, or leave it white and do it later…I’ve added a lil pink to mine) 

Pour melted marshmallows into your powdered sugar mixture.  Mix until your little arms can mix no more, and then turn out on to your well GREASED πŸ˜‰ countertop.   Oh ya…… Before you start kneading, ya might wanna grease up those hands…..JS……. 

Here’s what it looks like……

A giant sticky mess!

 Knead away people…….this could take anywhere from 5 min to 10. Just depends how temperamental your ingredients are feeling that day.  If it starts to stick to your counter top, just add a little more of the powdered sugar mix underneath it.  I always have some still sticking around in my bowl.  

Here’s the thing……when I taught myself how to do this stuff, I don’t recall reading any tutorials that warned me about the weather.  The threat is real! 

Let’s just say you’re blindly making your fondant when it’s 85 degrees outside.  Don’t care if your air is on or not……chances are you’re gonna have a seriously gooey mess on your hands, literally!  Don’t panic……..or cry…..just slowly incorporate a lil more powdered sugar into your fondant until it reaches a “pliable” almost play-doh like consistency.  

On the other hand…..if it’s the dead of winter (yes…even if your heat is workin over time) your fondant is gonna be purdy upset and get all dry and cracked on ya.  It might even crumble into a million tiny particles…..Try not to have a temper tantrum here 😏, just give your fondant a tiny mist from a water spray bottle…..and I mean tiny! (Too much water will break down your fondant and turn it into a puddle).  

Then just keep on kneading til your fondant is smooth and happy! 

That’s it! Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be a master!  

Last step: wrap that baby up tight with Saran Wrap so it can set up for a few hours, or overnight.  If it’s cold outside, just give a light coating of vegetable shortening so it doesn’t dry out.

If you try and use it too soon, it’ll just be all warm, and soft and gooey on ya.  Nobody wants their cake covered in weepy fondant.  So give yourself the extra time to make it a day or so beforehand! 


  1. Once you’re ready to use it, just break off what ya need, color it if you like, re knead and roll out! (If it’s being stubborn and too hard to knead, you can pop it in the micro for a few seconds to soften, but BE CAREFUL you don’t melt it!).  AND finally…..
  2. (This pertains to the weather……again). Before re kneading your fondant, you’ll need to prepare your countertop.  Generally, you will want to use vegetable shortening, so’s it doesn’t stick.  HowevA…. depending on the weather that can make it worse sometimes.  I have been told repeatedly that dusting the counter with powdered sugar works just as well…… To this I disagree! Adding more powdered sugar has only ever made my fondant dry out.  So I cannot recommend it.  I do recommend always, always lightly dusting your counter with corn starch! No matter what the weather, corn starch has never, ever let me down!  Not only does it keep your fondant from sticking to the surface, but it always seems to keep it nice and pliable no matter what weather you are dealing with!  JUST THOUGHT YOU’D WANNA KNOW 😊

 I hope this lil tutorial was helpful! If you have any questions feel free to ask! 

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